Study at NPESU

Congratulations, you are thinking about doing a postgraduate degree and you would like to see whether you are eligible and what the requirements are.

This web page tells you what you need to know to assess whether you are eligible, and if so, how to apply to enter a postgraduate research degree program in any of the National Perinatal Epidemiology and Statistics Unit (NPESU). Essentially, you will need to sort out some fundamental things: to find a research area and specific topic, a supervisory team, and approval to enter your higher degree program.

NPESU offers a range of honors, masters and PhD programmes encompassing multidisciplinary research in reproductive and perinatal health as well as health economics of assisted reproductive technology (ART).

NPESU coordinates the subject of reproductive and perinatal epidemiology and statistics, a core course of the programme of women's health and an elective course of the programme of reproductive health at the School of Women's and Children's Health.

Our postgraduate program allows candidates to undertake advanced research leading to a postgraduate degree under the supervision of experienced senior research staff in one of NPESU’s research areas.  Detailed information on our specialist areas of research can be viewed here:

Potential supervisors and their fields of research are can be found here.



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