Nomenclature for Models of Care

Project Name: Nomenclature for Models of Care
Commencement: 2011
Expected Completion: 2015
Funding Source: AIHW
Project Status: current
Project Officers: Natasha Donnolley

The lack of a consistent and agreed method for defining and categorising models of care has restricted accurate comparisons between or evaluations of different models of care outside of a research design. This makes it exceedingly difficult for women and their families to make informed decisions about accessing different models of care based purely on what they are named locally.

Stage 2

Stage 2 of this component of the NMDDP seeks to develop the theoretical framework of the MaCCS developed in Stage 1 into a working classification system based on a new Maternity Model of Care Data Set Specification and the specifications for a web-based classification tool.

The specific objectives for the project are:

  • To develop a Maternity Models of Care DSS containing the data items in the MaCCS as well as a new data item for Model of Care in the new Perinatal DSS. This would include piloting the new items in all jurisdictions prior to the submission process to NHISSC.
  • To gain jurisdictional agreement to the MaCCS concept, including development of a governance framework for the collection, storage and use of the data contained in the MoC DSS.
  • Developing the specifications for a web-based data collection tool for the MaCCS. This would include the development and testing of algorithms to allow automatic allocation of the correct MMC to each model.

A MaCCS Working Party (MaCCS WP) will be convened to provide advice and commentary to the NPESU team throughout the project.


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