Dr Mark Hanly talks COVOID R package (eRUM 2020)

Image - Dr Mark Hanly talks COVOID R package (eRUM 2020)

Dr Mark Hanly from the Centre for Big Data Research in Health, UNSW Sydney presents an invited talk on the COVOID R package at the European R Users Meeting (eRUM) 2020. COVOID stands for Covid-19 Opensource Infection Dynamics, and the COVOID package provides users with a set of opensource tools for modelling Covid-19 and other infectious diseases while incorporating time-varying interventions. The COVOID package was developed by Oisin Fitzgerald, Mark Hanly and Tim Churches, and was joint winner of the eRUM CovidR competition, a contest of R contributions around the topic of the Covid-19 pandemic. R users can download the package here https://github.com/CBDRH/covoid. COVOID also includes an interactive dashboard that can be accessed online here: https://cbdrh.shinyapps.io/covoidance/


Date Published
Friday, 19 June 2020
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