The burden of pancreatic cancer in Australia attributable to smoking - MJA article & ABC News

Maarit Laaksonen and colleagues in the Cancer Epidemiology Research Unit have published their findings on the burden of pancreatic cancer attributable to smoking in Australia. The research was published by the Medical Journal of Australia, and featured on its cover. It received considerable media interest, including coverage on ABC Radio National and ABC News. The team analysed data from 365,000 Australian adults and found that current and recent smoking explained 22%, and current smoking alone explained 15%, of the future pancreatic cancer burden. The proportion attributed to current smoking corresponds to 5500 cases over the next 10 years. They also found that the burden attributable to current smoking was greater for men (24%) than for women (7%). These findings reinforce the need to prevent the uptake of smoking and encouraging smoking cessation.

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Date Published
Wednesday, 20 March 2019
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