Maternal Mortality

Project Name: Maternal Mortality
Commencement: 2011
Expected Completion: 2015
Funding Source: AIHW
Project Status: current
Project Officer: Michelle Bonello

Stage 1 of this project consisted of two components a) Maternal Deaths in Australia 2006-2010 report and b) a National Data Linkage Study of maternal and late maternal deaths. Completed June 2013.

Stage 2 of this project consists of developing the Maternal Deaths in Australia 2011-2012 report and will incorporate 2006-2010 data for a comprehensive analysis of maternal deaths in Australia.

Stage 2

Maternal deaths in Australia 2011-2012 report

This project will provide a summary of maternal deaths for 2011-2012 (using the same methodology as the Maternal Deaths in Australia 2006-2010 report) and would update trends in maternal deaths for the extended period 2006-2012. It is proposed that this report would be presented in the format of an AIHW bulletin. The bulletin will focus on selected major causes of maternal death, as determined by the National Maternal Mortality Advisory Committee and subject to data quality and availability may focus on such conditions as amniotic fluid embolism or placenta accrete. The bulletin may include expanded information on severe maternal morbidity, including some data obtained in the Australasian Maternity Outcomes Surveillance System study where data will have been collected for the time period.

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