Australian & New Zealand Fertility Preservation Registry (ANZFPR)

The Australian and New Zealand Fertility Preservation Register (ANZFPR) is a web-based data collection that is currently under development (2013). It is an initiative of the National Perinatal Epidemiology and Statistics Unit and the Special Interest Group in Fertility Preservation, Fertility Society of Australia (FSA). The initial development is being funded by a research grant from the FSA (2012). The ANZFPR is a collaborative effort between the NPESU, the FSA and the fertility centres in Australia and New Zealand. The purpose of the ANZFPR is to development an evidence base on medically indicated fertility preservation and to monitor the outcomes of the assisted reproduction treatment. The ANZFPR will be compiled annually by the NPESU. Member clinics will have password protected web-access to either enter individual treatment information on ad hoc basis, or to upload the yearly data in February of each year.

ANZFPR will include information about individuals undergoing medically indicated fertility preservation: reason for fertility preservation, type of cancer,treatment regimens,usage of ovarian protection strategies, oocytes and sperm freezing,embryo freezing,ovarian tissue freezing, short and long term gonadal failure, maintenance of ovarian function,results of oocyte and embryo freezing cycles,outcomes after subsequent usage of oocytes, sperm and embryos,outcomes after grafting of ovarian tissue and pregnancy. The ANZFPR research officer will liaise with clinics, validate and finalise the data set on an annual basis. An annual report will be produced by NPESU in consultation with the ANZRPSR management group. It is envisaged there will be annual reporting of the register data.



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